Shit Beth and Cam Say


*Biking through Korean countryside*

Emily: Wow, that’s really pretty.”
Beth: Yea, it’s gre—

Meagan: You. You wash your feet before you come in here!
Beth: Never. That dirt LIVES there. My feet are its HOME!

Beth: Wanna go break into that massive church around the corner?
Jas: Maybe.. What’s in there?
Beth: I dunno… A man that’ll chase you around with a flashlight.

- K and Jaz visit seoul

is this what the young people call “sexting”

is this what the young people call “sexting”

  • Camila: i awoke from my reverie and was like "i've reblogged the whole internet ooops sorrynotsorry"
Jan 5

Come to this gay jungle.

- Atticus (in reference to the Philippines)

Jan 5

Never have I ever tossed someone’s salad.


Tossed a salad or put your finger in someone’s salad?

- King’s cup

How-To Guide: Surviving the Mayan Apocalypse

Chandler: I’m bringing a machete, a thong, and six suicide capsules.

Cam: I’m bringing my entire thong collection, soccer cleats, and the Riverside Shakespeare.

Does Mexican food count as American food?

- Beth